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We provide sustainable, hard-cost reduction solutions for many purchased service areas.
Average Savings
This is a pie chart depicting that Tryon Clear View Group saves organizations an average of 24% on their telecom spend.
This is a pie chart depicting that Tryon Clear View Group saves organizations an average of 10% on their utilities spend.
This is a pie chart depicting that Tryon Clear View Group saves organizations an average of 35% on their managed print spend.
This is a pie chart depicting that Tryon Clear View Group saves organizations an average of 35% on their waste spend.

Proven Results

We find savings 98% of the time.

Our audits go beyond just sifting through your bills. Our intensive process almost always finds significant savings.

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Our service requires little time spent on your end.

Start saving today with only a few hours required from you and your staff.

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Auditors with decades of experience in their field.

Our auditors know what to look for and where to find the most savings.

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We only bill out of savings we find.

There are no up-front costs. Our fee is a percentage of actual realized savings.

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"Our community hospital is realizing a substantial amount of savings in the area of telecommunications. The entire team at Tyron Clear View Group was extremely proactive and aggressive in the efforts to help Heywood Healthcare with savings. They are very responsive and a pleasure to work with."

Shane Doherty
Vice President of Operations
Heywood Healthcare

"Not only has your team found significant realized savings for Floyd, but the experience has been painless. I appreciate the effort, results and your continued engagement with Floyd."

Jeffrey D. Buda
Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Floyd Medical Center

"Our Parish is looking at some significant real savings already and project significant savings in our copy/printing costs. Tryon was able to navigate a complicated system of rates and tariffs to achieve these savings."

Rich Shively
PA for Administration
Mary Queen of Peace

"I had to keep hearing the fact that they weren't going to charge me unless they found savings. Doing this has freed up my staff tremendously. You've got an outside entity doing the dirty work for you, and they have expertise in everything they're doing."

Steve Foster
Director of Fiscal Services
Wood County DD Board

"The TCVG team was very knowledgeable about energy savings and put a robust and successful program in place. I was especially pleased with the $68,000 credit we received from our local power company based on the audit."

Nancy Ban
Administrative Director, Support Services
Central Maine Healthcare

"We hired TCVG thinking we had things in good order. Your review was quick and required hardly any time on our part. We were pleasantly surprised that you found us money. We are very satisfied with your service and would recommend it to others."

Tim Easterday
Director of Purchasing
Kanawha County Schools

"I consider myself very diligent in keeping the phone inventory current and at lowest cost possible. Tryon was able to identify numerous inactive phone lines for termination and unnecessary features and plans on our cell phone bills, all with minimal participation on our end."

Dave Lanzel
IT Operations Manager
Alpha Assembly Solutions

You were able to reduce our fees by 27% and your monitoring helped us keep our processor from increasing our fees. The audit was quick and efficient and took no time on our part.

Annie Sullivan
Cusick Community Management

We realized a 60% reduction in our monthly telecommunications bills. The executives and members of the auditing team were very professional, helpful and easy to deal with. All the detailed auditing work was done offsite, with no disruption in day-to-day activities in our offices.

Robert Grady
Vizient Southeast

Tryon was extremely flexible, thorough and professional in every aspect of their audit.

Phillip Murray
Director, IT
Lee County Port Authority

The entire staff at TCVG has provided the Township with excellent customer stuff. The staff is thorough, easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.

Althea Y. Headly
Assistant Business Administrator
Township of Irvington

The professionalism and attention to detail regarding the telecom audit conducted is a testament to the success you have proven throughout our industry.

Brad Price
Senior VP of Resource Management
Wellmont Health System

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