Software Asset Management

Save an average of 53% on your software asset management.

Eliminate Shelfware

Find and eliminate unneeded software.

Our team of former vendor auditors and experts will proactively manage your software deployment, weeding out shelfware and effecting significant savings.

RFP Management

We'll help you find the right vendor for IT projects.

From writing briefs to managing responses and helping you choose the best vendor, we can make the RFP process painless.

National DAtabase

Benchmark your rates against similarly-sized organizations.

Our proprietary national database lets us compare your vendor pricing with what your current vendors are charging similar-sized organizations.

Fee Structure

No savings? No fee.

There's no cost for our review, and our fee is a percentage of actual, realized savings.

Success Stories

See how we’ve helped organizations like yours.

Vendor Negotiations

We supported a Fortune 100, Southeastern healthcare company in their negotiations with IBM over a $14M project, saving them $5M.





Fee Reduction

A Midwest healthcare organization with 14,000 employees was audited by Oracle, facing fees of almost $1M. We negotiated their fees down to $800K per year for a 3-year term.





Compliance Analysis

A West Coast healthcare company faced a Microsoft compliance stress test. We found $3M in savings for Office 365, and confirmed compliance for their Microsoft server.





Our Process

Our audits produce sustainable cost reductions.

Collect Bills
Conduct Audit
Present Findings
Secure Savings
Lifetime Review

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