Case Study

A clinic in the Southeast wanted to cut down on its credit card fees – without changing its vendor.

Credit Card Fees

Key Findings

Annual Spend
1-Year Savings
3-Year Savings
Annual Savings

98% of this clinic's clients were paying via credit card, and the fees were stacking up.

At this 200-bed clinic in the Southeast, the vast majority of all payments were processed via credit card. The clinic's business manager was seeing additional fees and charges appear on invoices from their credit card vendor, and brought TCVG in to review.

We cut their fees by 24% – and our audit only took one week.

The clinic wanted to stay with their current processor. Using our proprietary national database, TCVG compared the rates they were paying to similar clinics in their area (and found that they were being charged far more). We demonstrated the rate differences to the processor, which agreed to reduce the clinic's rates.


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