Case Study

A mid-sized airport in the Southeast had a telecom network spanning over 100 buildings – and no map of their lines and circuits.


Key Findings

Annual Spend
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Annual Savings

Key personnel were retiring, taking with them years of internal knowledge of this airport's telecom network.

With over 100 buildings and no formal network map, this Southeastern airport knew it needed an audit to determine the layout of their lines and circuits and discover whether they were using what they were paying for.

TCVG responded to a public RFP that sought an on-site line inventory as well as an audit of local, long distance, cable, internet, cell phones and pagers. Our extensive experience with on-site line audits (standard in our telecom audits) led this organization to award TCVG the contract.

A building-by-building review.

After obtaining the client's telecom invoices and current contracts from their vendors' online portals, TCVG conducted a thorough building-by-building line audit to establish a network of all physical lines and circuits on their properties. With this map in hand, we compared what was being billed by vendors with what lines and circuits were actually in use.

We found $317,041 in unused lines and circuits.

Our on-site line audit unearthed over a quarter of a million dollars worth of lines and circuits that the client was being billed for – but wasn't actually using. With client approval, we disconnected the unused lines and circuits and secured a one-time credit from the vendors of $652,819.

We reduced telecom spend by 75% by securing lower rates.

Utilizing our proprietary national database, we discovered that the client was paying significantly more than their counterparts going back over ten years. Negotiating with the vendors, we secured better rates on analog lines, circuits and long distance amounting to $848,631 in annual savings.


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A mid-sized airport in the Southeast had a telecom network spanning over 100 buildings – and no map of their lines and circuits.


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