Case Study

We secured significantly better rates for a county in the Midwest – without changing their vendor or reducing their service.

Managed Print

Key Findings

Annual Spend
1-Year Savings
3-Year Savings
Annual Savings

The county's managed print contract was up for renewal, but they had no way of knowing whether the rates they were being offered were competitive.

With their contract expiring soon, the county wanted to make sure that their managed print budget was optimized. They brought TCVG in to ensure that they'd negotiated the best rates, and that there wasn't waste elsewhere in their managed print spend.

Our proprietary national database showed that their vendor was offering lower rates to other counties of similar size.

Often, a local or regional vendor representative will offer the best rates they're aware of for their area. With our proprietary national database, however, we're able to look at every rate being offered nationwide. In this instance, we found that the county was not receiving the best rate possible.

We reviewed our findings with their vendor, who agreed to offer a significantly lower rate to the county.

Our efforts reduced the county's managed print spend by 63% with a new five-year agreement – maintaining their existing vendor as well as their existing level of service.

We reduced the cost of impressions by 36%.

The county's original monthly spend of $183,000 was reduced substantially, to $117,000 per month.

We simplified the existing billing structure (and eliminated their vendor's management fee).

Along with better rates, we were able to consolidate the county's billing and eliminate a costly monthly management fee.


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