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A $4B, 1,900-bed health system was spending almost $1M each year on lines that were broken or unused (or didn't even exist).


Key Findings

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Annual Savings

With many physical site changes since the health system's inception in 1944, a telecom staff short on time was having trouble keeping their network mapped.

After almost a century in operation, this Southeastern health system had moved countless times, shut down old buildings and opened new ones. To cut their ever-expanding telecom budget, they knew they needed a clear understanding of where their lines and circuits were (and exactly what they paying for).

We went site-by-site to map their expansive network.

After consolidating the client's convoluted invoices into a single document, our team went on-location to make sure that the bills were accurate. For each item on an invoice, we checked for a corresponding line – keeping track of inaccurate billing and ensuring that the client was getting the most out of their telecom spend.

We found $1M in inaccurate billing or wasted spend.

Like many organizations with legacy buildings, the client's invoices were riddled with errors made by the vendor. Here's what we found:

233 non-existent lines were being billed.

The client's carrier had mistakenly added 233 lines from another company to our client's bill.

Annual Savings: $106,000

569 lines were broken at the wall.

Despite the fact that these lines weren't usable, the client was still being charged.

Annual Savings: $307,000

695 lines never left the switch room.

While these lines were intact, they weren't actually connected – leaving the client paying for lines that weren't in use.

Annual Savings: $283,688

Dozens of circuits were being billed for, but not used.

With such a massive network, it wasn't surprising that the client was being billed for dozens of circuits it no longer needed.

Annual Savings: $111,876

The vendor hadn't disconnected circuits that the client requested be removed.

Despite requests from the client that many circuits be disconnected and removed from their billing, the vendor hadn't followed up and was still charging for them.

Annual Savings: $78,896

A circuit was installed without the client's approval.

Finally, we found that the vendor was billing for a circuit they'd installed even though the client hadn't requested or approved it.

Annual Savings: $87,540


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