Case Study

With 225 buildings, this top-40 city needed to update its inventory of lines and circuits.


Key Findings

Annual Spend
1-Year Savings
3-Year Savings
Annual Savings

A telecom spend of over $6M and a network spanning 225 buildings; the city was overdue for an audit.

As a result of rising costs, this city awarded an RFP for an on-site line audit to TCVG. While an audit of the city's bills may have yielded some savings, only a site-by-site review of their network would reveal the substantive cost cuts.

We scheduled on-site visits to every building in the city's network.

Over three months, our team visited each of the buildings where lines and circuits were listed, including the city's large international airport. We discovered over $3M in lines and circuits that were broken, unnecessary or didn't even exist (despite appearing in the city's billing). We reviewed our findings with their telecom vendor, AT&T, to secure annual savings of 57%.

One billing error had cost the city $505,164 over the last three years.

In our review of the city's invoices and agreements, we discovered that a billing error had resulted in overcharges going back three years. We raised this issue with AT&T and secured a one-time credit of $505,164.


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